Our research activity focuses on colorectal carcinomas. We genetically classified colorectal carcinomas as chromosomal instability and microsatellite instability, and searching for the target genes and their roles in cancer progression in each genetic type.

We carry out mutation analyses of the candidate target genes, and systematic search of the target genes by using bioinformatics.

We are also searching differentially expressed genes by using oligonucleotide array and proteomics study, and determining their biological significance in relation to the biological behavior of colorectal cancer.

You can find and analyze our clinical, pathological and molecular genetics data on www.colonca.org. We hope for active collaborative analysis and research with any researchers in this field.

We also carry out molecular genetic studies on gastrointestinal stromal tumors, gastric carcinomas and hepatocellular carcinomas under the same purpose of identifying new molecular markers and establishing molecular classifications related to the biological behavior of tumors.